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The difference
Why less can sometimes be more...

What sounds promising and complicated at the same time actually is absolutely easy / and therefore patented.

The peculiarity about Spheretex GmbH products is the combination of light hollow microspheres with high-modulus fibres. The production process is generally the same with all products. Thermoplastic microspheres are embedded into high-modulus fibres in their unexpanded stage by means of a watery suspension in such a way as to evenly distribute the respective particles between the elementary fibre strands right to their interior.

The following thermal process causes these unexpanded filler material particles to expand. In doing so the elementary fibres brace each other and volumise the fibre strands in definable way up to x times their original volume.
  • lower specific weight (40 – 60% less resin absorption)
  • best technical-physical characteristics
  • high laminate homogeneity - and low weight!
  • extremely versatile range of application
  • easy to handle = No complicated preparatory work necessary
  • easily mouldable
  • high surface quality with little reworking
  • low absorption of water (< 1%)
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